Create your own interior fragrance

A unique olfactory signature

Write your story in perfume

The combined work of our Fragrances Designers and Master Perfumers leads to our most delicate creations:
an exclusive design for a bespoke olfactory signature. We work with the best French perfumers to guarantee you unique creations of great quality. Take the time to distill the essence and identity of your brand and sublimate them with perfume. Let the magic of your being be your olfactory identity and share your atmosphere with elegance, a unique story, your story. Whatever your activity, we have already perfumed it!


Create a sensitive world, a pleasant universe and a reassuring elsewhere. Include perfume at the heart of your establishment, every place has an olfactory identity and it plays an essential emotional role.

Choose subtle fragrances for a discreet welcome with scents relating to nature and well-being: Citrus, Floral, Green … or choose delicate fragrances for a daring effect with Woody, Oriental, Floral or Musky scents . The experience is then extended down to the smallest detail to reach perfection.

Boutiques & Malls

Perfume diffusion is a way of making your customers travel and increasing the time spent in stores thanks to perfumes that bring a feeling of comfort and appeasement.

Due to the current health situation, buyers are increasingly concerned about their well-being in stores. Thanks to olfactory marketing, customers are immersed in a relaxed atmosphere and are more at ease, it also extends time spend in store.

Olfactory marketing has a very powerful impact on frequent buyers, Intersport has for example increase its sales of 10% with fragrance diffusion. In the long run, customers are more likely to come back in a perfumed store.

Car dealerships

The goal is to strengthen your brand image and your relationships with your customers. Choosing a car is an important moment and selecting it requires some time spent in your store.

In order to make this moment unique, we recommend perfumes such as SONGE DE VETIVER for an enveloping and warm effect, revealing the force of nature with leathery facets reminiscent of the luxurious interiors of certain cars and a warm woody accord that reassures us.

Or LUXURY SCENT for its smell of tobacco leaves and hot spices that immediately soothe us and make us want to take our time.

Pharmacies and waiting rooms

Choose calming scents to reduce the feeling of stress in your waiting room. Whether you are a pharmacist, dentist, orthodontist, osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropodist, it is well known that the smell is the first impression received by your patient when he comes to your doctor’s office, however the wait can cause anxiety and increase the feeling of anxiety for some people.

Thanks to subtle and discreet scents, Emosens helps you improve the customer experience: orange blossom, lavender or even woody marine scents can be very good allies in welcoming your customers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers are now places of well-being and comfort. We do sport to train our body and mind. Spread your scent signature when you welcome your members or in changing rooms.

We select for you some fragrances which boost energy and motivation, some smells also aspire to cleanliness and freshness. With fragarnce diffusion you will improve the perception of your space and the quality of your services.

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